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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not All Drugs Are Bad

I don't want anyone to think I am advocating drug use, but when my pain meds wear off, things are bad. I have to wonder if I am doing any healing in my spine, or if its all just being covered with the meds. And my hips hurt when the drugs wear off.

Oh, but when they work, they're wonderful. I feel like I could run around in the yard and chase the squirrels again! I just can't get Mom to let me! She carries me out in the yard to potty and leaves my leash on when she sets me down so I can't go anywhere. Meanwhile, my Beagley sissies are running around barking at stuff. It just aint fair! Whuff.

I have also lost my job as front window watchdog. We have a parkway with a walk across the road from us and lots of people walk their dogs there. It is our job to bark at them and make sure they don't come in our yard. Momma won't let me out of my kennel to jump up on the chair to watch and bark. It jus ain fair I tell ya!


Snowball said...

Ooops. Spinal injury is bad. I still remember when my spine was injured so badly that I couldn't even stand. You got to be more careful and not to jump or run too much in future and NEVER climb stairs!!! You can get to negotiate for some swimming session thou. Swimming will do you good.

Get well soon, Eddie.



Eddie, hope you get better. Essex does the watch dog duty in our house. Sure hope one of your beagley sissies can take over for you. Though we doubt they could ever replace you.

Essex & Deacon


Hi there Eddie
Sorry to hear that your back and hips are giving you trouble. It must be hard to watch those beagly sisters of yours racing around but do take care. We are so happy to see you back. We had been checking in on a regular basis and were wondering what had become of you guys.