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Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Report, 100th Post

I got a good report from the Dogter today. Dr. Jody said I was looking good! She is going to let Momma and Dad take me outside to potty on a leash. I get to go just into the grass, do my business and come right back in. Still no steps, no jumping on furniture, no running and playing. But at least I get to walk outside instead of being carried outside like a baby!

Today is my 100th post. I am so glad that I was able to post with good news!
Whoofs & Baroos to all you's!
Pee S, The picture with me sitting in the chair is an old one. I am not allowed to do that now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a smidgen better

We had some amazing weather here today. It got up to 66 degrees and the sun was shining. FABULOSSO!
Unfortunately, I couldn't go out and play. I stayed in my crate all day while I listened to my sissies baroo at stuff outside.
I will say, my pain meds are helping more now. I was having a tablet every 15 hours or so, but now they last for a full 24 hours. Ahhhh.
Thank you everyone who has checked in with well wishes. Sorry we didn't blog for a long time. After losing Lady, Momma just wasn't in the mood to help me.
Whoofs to you all!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not All Drugs Are Bad

I don't want anyone to think I am advocating drug use, but when my pain meds wear off, things are bad. I have to wonder if I am doing any healing in my spine, or if its all just being covered with the meds. And my hips hurt when the drugs wear off.

Oh, but when they work, they're wonderful. I feel like I could run around in the yard and chase the squirrels again! I just can't get Mom to let me! She carries me out in the yard to potty and leaves my leash on when she sets me down so I can't go anywhere. Meanwhile, my Beagley sissies are running around barking at stuff. It just aint fair! Whuff.

I have also lost my job as front window watchdog. We have a parkway with a walk across the road from us and lots of people walk their dogs there. It is our job to bark at them and make sure they don't come in our yard. Momma won't let me out of my kennel to jump up on the chair to watch and bark. It jus ain fair I tell ya!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wow, 4 months!

I guess I haven't blogged for 4 months! That's amazing. Well, its time to catch up.

As you read, my sissie Lady passed last October. We still miss her, but know she is happier on the other side of the rainbow.

I have been having back and hip problems. Momma had to rush me to K-State Vet Clinic in Manhattan, KS last week because I got down in the back. They said I had a bulging disk. This is the 2nd time. But this time, the dogter did a little more investigating because he said my hips seemed arthritic. They took x-rays of my hips and said I have severe hip dysplasia. Huh? I thought that's what German Shepherds got! My Momma said that, too.<>

The dogter said that German Shepherds are the poster children for Hip Dysplasia, but that any dog can have it. So, lucky me. No wonder my back hurts and my hips hurt! Such a bummer. The pain pills are good, though. Momma says, "Better living through science." Whatever.

So, I spend my days and nights in the crate on complete bed rest per dogters orders. Not like I want to do too much anyway, but it is kind of boring. Although, I do get fed breakfast in bed. I don't even have to go to the kitchen to eat! Hah!

Our Gramma moved in with us in Sept. Maybe I mentioned that way back. Its great. I get to hang out with her during the day and she feeds me treats and talks to me a lot. I love Gramma.

Hope all you pups are good. My Beagley Sissies are good. Just as craaaazy as ever.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Daddy's Tribute to Lady

Our Daddy is a newspaper writer. He goes to baseball and football and basketball and stuff like that and then writes stories about it so people who couldn't go to the game can read about it.

He wrote a story about loosing Lady and the people who decide what goes in the newspaper decided to put it in. Here's a link to it if you wanna read it. Caution: It may make your eyes leak.
Daddy and Lady's Story.

It is storming pretty big here in town tonight. Lady was always scared of thunder. Momma was saying that Lady won't have to be scared tonight.
Rest quietly sweet Lady.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lady's passing

Lady went over the Rainbow bridge October 1st. She became so frail, lost her sight, hearing and most of her mind. She fell a lot and ran into the doors and walls all the time. Daddy said she wasn't really in there. We miss her, but we know that she is happy now, running free, playing in a field with Oscar Airdale and others who have crossed over.
Daddy was remembering when Lady adopted him. She showed up at his house about 16 years ago and just wouldn't leave. He had no choice but to let her stay. He knew he was her chosen one. They were pretty tight buds all those years.

Daddy's eyes have been leaky, but we've been helping lick up the drips. Bella is an extra good snuggler, and she has been putting in lots of overtime doing snuggle therapy.

Sorry we've been gone so long. Momma has been busy. Our Grandma moved in with us. Momma and Poppa built a room for her. She has her own mini kitchen and bathroom and everything. Its cool. Every now and then we get to go to her place, but mostly Momma sez no, that we should leave her alone. Of course, our cousin Buddy, Grandma's dog, moved with her, so she is here, too. Its been busy. We're all trying to figure out how we fit together with this new arrangement.

We're trying to figure out how to get Grandma to give us jerky treats more. Tee Hee!
Whoofs & Baroos to all you pooches. Love each other.
Eddie, Bella & Peaches

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scooter dog Eddie

I have taken up a new hobby! Mom and Dad got Maxi-Scooters. Not those little ones like the college kids ride around campus, but big ones. They asked me if I wanted to try riding. I said sure, but go slow. So, they tried with me in the drive way. That was okay, so we went around the block, and again, then down the parkway, then to Grandma's.
Last weekend we took a BIG ride 300 miles from home! Wow! It was great. When we got there, we met another scooter dog named Tipper. Tipper is a Yorkie and he rides in a pouch on his Momma's front.
I ride in a basket that's bungee'd onto the back seat. Momma got me Doggles which are okay, but I like them off just as soon as I get off the scooter.
Its way great fun. Its like the ultimate car window!