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It's a Beagle-rific Life

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Class, Yeah, we got Class!

Oh our dogness. Momma has decided that we are heathens. We don't know why she would think that. Could it be the trash episode. Could it be that everyone who comes over says ouch instead of hello (ouch because we jump up on them and our little toenails scratch their legs). Could it be because Bella jumps up on the kitchen table? Could it be because we dash past them when they're going up or down the stairs? We could go on, of course, but we haven't the time to list all of them.

Okay, so Momma is right. We're heathens.

Momma has always wanted to try those Agility games, but it hasn't worked out that she had the right dog.

I, Peaches, was supposed to be Momma's agility dog, but I really hate traveling in the car (it makes me toss my kibble), and I don't like heights or anything that isn't inside my backyard. Oh, how can I stand camping? Well, because I know our camper, and our patio mat, and lawn chairs, and the BBQ grill that all the great food
comes off of. So its just like home.

I, Eddie, can't do it because I have a bad back. Can't do the jumping and stuff. Uh uh. No way!

So, Here comes Bella who likes to jump up on the kitchen table from the floor, (just like a cat) and isn't afraid of anything. Momma says she just lacks manners. Last night Bella had to go to her first doggie manners class. Haa haa! We'll let her tell ya.

Hi, Bella here. It was really cool. We met other dogs, big and little, hairy and not as hairy. No two alike. There was even a Joe Stains dog there! His name is Walter. He is pretty cool.

Everyone was so excited to meet everyone else. But then this lady and her way-too-calm lab mix started talking to our people and next thing you know, they're making us not jump up on them, and we had to walk without pulling on the leash, and we had to sit when they said so and we weren't allowed to run through the open doorway till they said we could! Hmmmph. When I did good, Momma gave me a treat. Mmmmm.

Momma says we have to practice a lot. So we practiced tonight when she got home from work. Surprises to Eddie & Peaches, too. She made them do the same things! Haa haa haa haa haa! I could hardly stop cracking up!

Enjoy your week!

Whoofs & Baroos to all,
Eddie, Peaches & Bella

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cass Re-Adopted

Yesterday was a hard day. Loosing Oscar caused a big heartache. We found a neat home for Cass, though and we're happy about that.

She was smiled on by a young family with a 6 month old boy who want to have a dog to grow up with him. They don't live very far from us and promise they'll bring her by to see us now and then. That would be great.

This is Casey (left) and Cass (right) taking a break during their final round of puppy play together. They were zoomin so fast and got so worn out. Look at their tongues hangin out!

Casey is here for one more night till her family comes back from their vacation. Then we will be puppyless. Just us big mugs with floppy ears here at the house. Baroo-in' it like it is. In Beagle control. On Beagle patrol.

Momma is satisfied that all the babies have gone to good homes. We've had a great time with them, but quite frankly, our little beagley selves are worn out... I think Momma might be a tad worn out, maybe, too. She says its time for our house to get back to normal... Whatever that is.

A note about Perfect Tosca. Tosca raised $580 for Spring Farm Cares Animal Sanctuary by doing a blog-a-thon. Way to go, Tosca! You Really Rock! I hope you're soaking your sore pawpads today.

Give each other a lick and a hug. We all need one today, and every day. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Licks & Hugs, Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Condolenses to Oscar Airedale's Family

A fellow dog-blogger, Oscar Airedale passed this morning. Oscar has a wonderful blog and an even wonderfuller family. We will miss hearing about Oscar's happenings. Bless you Oscar, as you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Eddie & Peaches

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bella Sick after Surgery, 2 Puppies Come Back.

Sissie Bella got sick after her surgery. Her belly started oozing, and she felt hot if you touched her body. She was laying around and feeling sicko. She wasn't even interested in her food. Now, that's sick!

I, Peaches, tried to eat her breakfast the other day, but Momma yelled at me and shooed me away. Darn it. I just didn't want it to go to waste. See how responsible I am, Momma!

Momma called Bella's dogter that night and so she had to go see him the next morning. Daddy took her down there and she came back with a bottle of blue pills. Its a pretty good deal. Apparently, the pills have to be eaten with peanut butter. Daddy dips them in peanut butter and lets Bella eat them that way. If we act really cute, Daddy gives us a taste of peanut butter, too! Mmmmmm.This is Cass. She still needs to find a new home. I guess we haven't blogged on it yet, but Cass' first Momma just couldn't handle her. She has always adopted adult dogs from shelters and never had a crazy puppy. So, she brought her back to us and Momma is trying desperately to find her a new home. Some people have told Momma they are thinking about it, but so far, no one has adopted her. She's kind of like the Cinderella puppy. The last one to get invited to the dance. Poor girl. But we love her!

Baby Casey is visiting because we are puppysitting her while her family goes on a canoe trip. The girls are having fun wrasslin with each other again. They try to bother us when they get out of their pen to play, but we grrr at them and make them get away. We're tired of all that puppy nonsense! Hopefully soon we can be just us grown-up dogs and not have to worry about all these babies!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bella's Surgery

Our Sissy, Bella Mae, had a little surgery today so she can't have any more puppies. That means she gets to spend lots more time playing and being a sissie to us.

Momma went to the vets this afternoon to see her after her surgery. Momma says she was kind of droopy still, but wagged her flag tail when she saw Momma come in the room. Momma gave her kisses for all of us and told her to get a good nights sleep. We will go get her in the morning.

Momma tells us we have to leave her alone and be quiet around her for a week or so because she's gonna be sore for a while. Poor sissie.

Have a great weekend everydog.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Five Things to Put in a Time Capsule

What would we put in a time capsule? Our friend Jackson tagged us to give a list... Here ya go...
1) I, Eddie, would put in a Duckie or a Hedgehog because everyone needs something to snuggle... Even pupples in the future.
2) I would also put in a tennis ball so that the future pupples will have something fun to play with
3) AND I would put the dog shampoo in there so that Momma can't give us baths any more. Me Too! Oh, Peaches here.
4) I think we should put a copy of the Missouri State Parks Campground rules in there so that future pupples can look at it and see that once upon a time, dogs were allowed in camp.
5) Pictures of us, cuz we're cute.

Okay, there ya have it.
Yeah, there ya have it. In a time capsule, from me 'n Peaches.

We nominate Bear Bear the Rottie to tell us what 5 things he would put in the time capsule. Can't wait to find out Bear!

Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie & Peaches

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cass Goes Home

Cass has gone home with her new Momma tonight. We all got to meet her. I, Peaches, barked at her and tried to scare her away so she wouldn't take the last baby, but Momma hushed me so she took her anyway.

Peaches is too worried. I, Eddie, think that Cass' new Momma is wonderful. She was very attentive to what our Momma was telling her about Cassie's needs and when to have her spayed, and when to take her out to potty, and what her favorite games are. Cass' new Momma had a doggie friend who went over the Rainbow Bridge recently. She is still sad about that. We think that she will find love again with Cass.

Cassie's Momma is going to send pictures while Cass is growing up. We're looking forward to that. And, we can write her, and she might just check in on us via the blog! Hmm.

As you can imagine, there were lots of leaky hooman eyes tonight. Daddy took Momma out to drown her sadness in ice cream. She was sad still when they got home. Maybe Momma didn't get any ice cream after all. Nawwww. We smelt it on her breff when we kissed her when she got home. Hmmm.

We will all have to snuggle Momma tight tonight.

Luv to all. Be good to each other.
Whuffs and Baroos, Eddie & Peaches

Monday, July 16, 2007

Campin Review

Yep, we went campin' again. This time we went to Wallace State Park here in NW Missouri. It didn't take us long to drive there. Mom and Dad say that gas costs too much to camp too far away. But, it was fun. We had a great time.

Mostly we watched other doggeriffic people. There was a Cocker Spaniel and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever in the campground next to us. They didn't say much. We tried to bark at them to get their attention. (Momma yelled at us for that. Uhhh, sorry, Mom.) The CBR had to stay in a crate all weekend and only got to get out a few times a day. We felt sorry for her. I think only once did we see her Daddy take her for a walk on the hiking trails.

Cass was such a good girl! Momma crated her at night and she didn't potty even once in her crate! She went for walks with us, but she had to be carried most of the time. She got worn out easy because of her short little legs. Plus it was way hot.

The Beagley girls kept an eye on the other campsites. You can see them in the picture Momma took while they were on lookout. We are all on tethers when we're lounging around the campsite. Its a rule there. They got so worn out being on lookout that they had to take a nap in the gravel around the fire ring. Is gravel comfortable to beagles? I don't get it. I like the cool grass.

Another rule that we think is yukky is that they are only going to allow 2 pets per campsite after this year. What kind of rule is that! Lady doesn't care, cuz she doesn't go camping any more (heat's too hot for her since she's old). But the rest of us are wondering, who is going to have to stay home!

Momma's all upset about that. She says that last year her and Daddy voted for the tax renewal for the state parks program. Now that they got that renewed, they are charging $2 more per night, and they're going to kick some of the dogs out!

We realize that some hoomans don't like dogs. (We don't understand it, but we realize it as a truth). Our Momma always cleans up after us and makes sure we aren't bothering other campers. If there are doggies with bad hoomans that don't do that, maybe they should ask them to leave instead of kicking us rule-abiding, tax-paying canines out.

Pardon me while I step down off my soap-crate.

All in all, it was a fab weekend. We played ball (even Cass did), took hikes, slept a lot, and ate food off the BBQ. Yumm, Yumm!

Till next blog,
Whoofs & Baroos,

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Oh Our Dogness! We've been camping for 5 days. A camper full of canines. How fun is that. Even Cass went! She did so good. she didn't potty in the camper even once. Momma says she has already crate trained herself. She's so smart. She deserves a very special home.

We'll post later after we get some rest and post some pics from our trip. Couldn't post from the campground, no computer there.
Bark at ya later!
Whoofs and Baroos.
Eddie & Peaches.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bye bye to Casey and Lewis

We're typing in blue because we are in a blue mood today. A happy-sad feeling. It is good but bad, up but down, an end of an era, a beginning of a new life for the babies... Okay, okay, I'll stop with the cliche's.

All the babies got their SHOTS (not got shot... we were glad it was just their vaccinations), got dewormed, had a bath and got their toenails trimmed. Momma made up Puppy Packs to go to their new homes with them. She put in a bag of the puppy food they're used to, some treats, some chews, a toy, and a rag from their bedding here so they would have a familiar smell in their new home.

Casey's new family picked her up today. Her new brother was very excited. His Dad immediately showed him how to hold her properly. That made our Momma happy. They were on their way from our house to the pet shop to get a collar, leash and ID tag for her. Momma got sad and her eyes leaked when Casey left.

Then, a lady who was going to come Monday to pick out a puppy, called and decided to come today! Oh My! All of a sudden, another puppy was going to be gone. So, Lewis is gone, too. His new family seems very nice. They had their last dog till it was 13 years old. The one before that for 8 years. That made Momma really happy. She knows that Lewis will have a good home for a long time. Even though Momma was so happy, her eyes still leaked and she got sad again. Daddy got sad, too. He said he needed an allergy tablet because his eyes were watering. Hmmm.

Only Cass is left now. She's being really quiet. We think she misses Casey and Lewis. We will love on her till she has a new family. Someone is coming to look at her tomorrow who should give her a very nice home.

Wow. After that it will be just us big guys. Time sure went by fast. Its hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were on the deck watching Bella have her little wet squirmy babies that didn't even look like dogs.

God Bless the babies and their new families.
Eddie and Peaches

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fun 4th

Aunt Jan came over for lunch on Independence Day. She brought Sheridan's Frozen Yogurt to share with EVERYone. Even us 4-leggers. We love Aunt Jan! She's so considerate. She doesn't discriminate like some do just because we're vertically challenged, have trouble vocalizing the English language, and we walk on all fours. Did I mention, we looooove Aunt Jan? Well, we do.

Us dogs had to eat our frozen yogurt off dishes on the floor. The beloved puppies got theirs served in fancy desert dishes and got to stand ON THE TABLE (which, may I remind you, Bella got in big trouble for standing on the table... Hmmmph). So, we know where we all rank in the heierarchy of the pack as far as the humans are concerned. As long as you're cute and have no potty manners, balance, coordination or ability to guard the house, you rate higher. Once you become a contributing member of the pack, you are lowered to eat off the floor! Double Hmmmmph.

We are going to miss the little devils, though. We heard Mom say they're going to get shot Saturday. too bad. We'll miss them. Maybe that's why they spoiled them yesterday. Sort of like their last supper. Who knows. We are so confused. We also hear Mom and Dad talking about Casey's new family picking her up Saturday afternoon. Hmmm? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

We hope everyone had a very safe holiday and came out of it with their tail and all 4 paws in tact.
Have a fab day!
Eddie & Peaches

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wild Dog Play

Peaches and me got to really playing hard in the house. It sounds vicious, but really, we never hurt each other. When we're done with this, we crash hard for a good nap. Its way fun.