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It's a Beagle-rific Life

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting ready to camp at Butchys

We are so looking forward to going to Butchy's Burfday Campover. We're gonna have so much fun. We are getting some of our stuff ready to go. We asked Momma if we could take some marshmallows, grahmmies and chocolate bars but Momma said NO! That would be bad for us. Bummer.

Momma took pitchurs of us with our sleeping bags, lantern and toys, but sumthin's wrong with the camra and the computer can't find the pitchurs on it. She sez she's gonna figger it out.

We're used to camping in our camper. It will be fun to camp in the cabins at Butchys!
See you soon!
Eddie, Peaches and Bella

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Cleaning Day

Momma got up and started tearing up the house. She's moving all the furniture, taking some of it apart and putting it back together again. She keeps swooshing that stick around, spraying stuff, running the sucking machine. She has a bucket of soapy water and a wet squishy thing.
These are just a few of the things she's got. We've seen her use these things before, but never with this kind of attitude. The woman's gone mad!

Lady got scared and went and hid in the corner of the bedroom. She said she has seen this kind of behavior before and it usually leads to the Momma getting all crazy about muddy pawprints on the floor, and fur on the furniture. Why does she think they call it FURniture, anyway?

She said something about winter coming, and how she has to do all this before we're all trapped inside together till spring. She said we would all feel better that way. I decided to stay out of her way.
Oh yes. This will help Momma, I'm sure. I'll just nap right here. Zzzzzzrooo. Zzzzzzzroooo. Zzzzzzzrooooo.
Luv ya all,

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Graduation Pictures

Momma fergot the camra for mah graduashun, but we took some pictures of me with my certificate. So, Here ya go...

I think I smiled real pretty in this one, didn't I?

Here's another one with me sitting behind my diploma. Don't I look smarter now? I can't wait to go to our play class where we learn how to play games in tunnels and climb over stuff. How fun. Last, but not least, here's a picture of me and Momma. I luv Momma. I luv to give her kisses, but she's not always as happy about it as me. Hmm? Why would that be?

Well, everydog & GG, gotta go. Have sqwirrels to bark at ya know. Always on duty here!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

On The Grill

Momma sez Poppa is the best cooker on the outdoor grill of anybody, EVER. Today they went to the store where you get people food and got some really extra good people food: STEAKS! Mmmmmm.

We stood by Poppa in case he dropped anything so we could help clean it up. We wouldn't want Momma to get mad at him for making a mess on the patio. We also sat close by while they ate in case anything fell to the floor of the deck. We can't have a messy deck, ya know?
Here's the plate of scraps from the steaks. Mmmmmm. That was our reward for so diligently waiting to clean the floor.

We're all waiting patiently... for a while for our scraps while Momma fixes our dishes.Then it starts getting ugly. Look at Peaches face! She sez, "Feed me now or I'll put a Beagle Hex on you!"

Yep, Poppa's the best griller we've ever met! Gotta go nap it off now. Aaaaaah.
Pooches Smooches to yall. Hope ya had a great weekend.
Eddie, Peaches & Bella

Friday, September 14, 2007

Catching up on news and pics

So, here we are, only 9 days since we posted last! Oh my. Butchy and Snickers, our mentors, must be so ashamed of us. But, we've been busy little beagles. We've been camping, and going to classes, and taking lots of walks...

Here we are at our cousin's place . The big black German Shepherd is Carlie. You can kind of see her brother, Rance behind her and the tree. We had lots of fun together. It was like our own private dog park.
Here's the campsite with all us mutts milling around. So nice!

Here's a better picture of Carlie Bear. You notice that her right ear is lopped off. She was rescued in Chicago from a place where someone had LOTS of dogs. Most of them were starving to death. Carlie had been a breeder dog. When the ASPCA and police came in and busted the place, Carlie was nearly dead. She has had many surgeries to bring her back to good health. Today she is happy and we love to play with her. We're glad that some good hoomans came in and saved her and the rest of the doggies there.
We couldn't find any good pictures of Rance from the camping trip, so we dug into our old files and found this one from when he visited our house last year. Rance was a leader-dog puppy. Our auntie raised him for the Leader Dog people, but when he was old enough to go back and be someone's helper dog, he x-rayed with elbow displaysia. So, he washed out of the program and Auntie got first dibs on adopting him since she had raised him. They are living happily ever after. Only problem with Rance is that he thinks he is "Prince Rance". Hmmmph.
We took walks on the trails. Lots to sniff down there, ya know. Deer, turkeys, bunnies, squirrels, turdles (yes, we mean turdles... Our special name for those hard-shelled creatures).
When we got home, we were all tuckered out. Here's Peaches on her favorite blankie getting some rest.
On our camping trip last weekend, we went to Nebraska. We got stuck behind this really cool truck that Poppa called a tractor. Whatever! It was cool and we told the driver so when we finally got to pass him.
Across from our campsite in Nebraska was a pond and these geese kept teasing us. They would come over by us, then turn around and laugh and waddle away. They KNEW we couldn't get to them. Grrrrr.
Then, we saw this really cool tree with a wart on its side. The tree is really tall and the wart is really big. Its about as big as 4 or 5 Rotties all piled up on top of each other.

We heard Momma and Poppa saying camping season is going to end soon. We sure will miss camping over the winter. Maybe we can go once or twice before they put away the camper. We're keeping our paws and tails crossed.

Bella graduated. Momma forgot the camera! But, she promises to take a picture of Bella sitting nicely with her certificate. We'll post it later.
Well, I think that catches us up.
Later doggles & GG,

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


We haven't got any pictures to post, but wanted to check in. Short but sweet. Kind of like beagles! Tee hee!

We have been gone camping. We met up with our German Shepherd cousins Carlie & Rance. They're lots of fun. I think Momma has some pictures, but hasn't got them put on the computer yet.

We're only home for a couple days, then we're going camping again. Poppa has to work out of town, so we're making a camping trip out of it. Woo Hoo!

Bella has graduation tomorrow night. I wonder if she will wear a cap and gown? Hmm. Momma has already signed Bella up for another class. Its called "Agility for Fun." We think she will be really good at it since she can jump up on kitchen tables and other big stuff. She's fearless. She will do anything!

Take care pups & GG.
Pooches Smooches,
Eddie & Peaches