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It's a Beagle-rific Life

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Me and Bella were thinkin that we need a new toy. We listened to the Squeeky Deeky song that we put on the blog and we think we need a squeeky deeky. So, we're thinkin on how we can get Momma to get us one...

Two beagle heads are better than one.
So, if we act like we're really, really sad, or even sick, maybe Momma will feel so sorry for us...
Does this look pitiful enough?
Eddie, that's not a pitiful look! Is that the best you can do?

Like this, Eddie...
See, it worked!!!!! Hah! Happy now. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Puzzles Me

I have been working very hard on this puzzle all winter. Now I have completed it. Let me tell you, it's not easy when you do not have thumbs to pick up those little, flat pieces and put them in place. I really despise winter and I don't like it either. It is entirely too cold for a short-haired type like me.I am ready for spring now and whatever it brings. Do you like my puzzle? It is a cowboy and his horse and their covered wagon. I think about the hardships the cowboys and pioneers faced as they crossed the plains heading west so many years ago. I wonder if they had Beagles with them?
Barooooooo to all you good pooches!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Squeeky Deeky

Well, I found my glasses, so we're back in business! They were stuck in my fur and when Mom gave me a bath, we found them. Go figure!

There was a cool dog CD in the paper here in town the other day. The newspaper did a story about happy dogs songs. Take a listen to this song called Squeeky Deeky. You'll have to go to that page, then click on the link to the Squeeky Deeky song. But you better do it soon. They only leave things on for a few days.

When we heard it, Bella ran and got the snowman squeeky. We love this song! Maybe Momma will buy the CD for us.

It got nice and warm here today. We tied the all-time high record. It was great! Momma went in the yard and cleaned up our stuff since it thawed out. We can't figure out why she wants a collection of that stuff. Ick.

Take care everyone. We luv our DWB frens!
Whoofs & Baroos,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Missing: Wire-Rimmed Glasses

We just wanted to check in and let everyone know that we're still here. Eddie lost his glasses and he types for us. Momma is typing for us right now.
We will post again when Eddie finds his glasses. Here's a picture of him in them that we took back at Christmas. If you see them somewhere, let us know!
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie, Peaches, Bella & Lady