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It's a Beagle-rific Life

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scooter dog Eddie

I have taken up a new hobby! Mom and Dad got Maxi-Scooters. Not those little ones like the college kids ride around campus, but big ones. They asked me if I wanted to try riding. I said sure, but go slow. So, they tried with me in the drive way. That was okay, so we went around the block, and again, then down the parkway, then to Grandma's.
Last weekend we took a BIG ride 300 miles from home! Wow! It was great. When we got there, we met another scooter dog named Tipper. Tipper is a Yorkie and he rides in a pouch on his Momma's front.
I ride in a basket that's bungee'd onto the back seat. Momma got me Doggles which are okay, but I like them off just as soon as I get off the scooter.
Its way great fun. Its like the ultimate car window!