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It's a Beagle-rific Life

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation is done fur now.

We're back from our long vacation. It was great. We hiked and napped and Poppa grilled food outside that smelled mmmmm good! When Momma gets time after unpacking she says she will load some pictures so we can post them.

Hey, does anydog know Beanie the Beagle? They signed our guestbook We'd sure like to baroo at them but dont' know how to contact them.

Whoofs to ya'll.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

We've been camping since last Friday! We came home so Momma and Poppa could do some laundry and restock the camper fridge.
Unfortunately, this year the Missouri State Parks folks won't let more than 2 dogs camp at a campsite unless they are like service dogs or something, or have their CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) certificate from the AKC. So, next week, we are meeting with Bella's teacher to have a pre-evaluation and see where we all stand. She is going to tell Mom what a
ll we need work on. Then when Momma thinks we're ready, we will have to take a test.

I HOPE Eddie can find his glasses by then! I think he packed them away with the Christmas cards. That's about the only time he uses them, but he will prolly need them for the test.
Anyway, since only 2 doggies can go, Eddie has stayed at Gramma's. Lady, because she is so old a decrepittated is staying home and a dog-sitter comes by to take care of her a couple times a day. Gramma was a fraid to have her over in case something happened.
So, Me (Peaches) and Bella got to go camping. I sneaked up into Momma and Poppa's bed when they weren't looking! Tee hee!

Here's our Grandpeoples. They came and camped with us for part of our trip. We all took walks. They like to walk us. We like it, too. We'r glad they came camping with us. By the way, Bella says to tell you that she was NOT pulling that child along. He was just going too slow and she was trying to get him to go faster.
So, we're going back to camping soon. See ya'll later.
Peaches! Barrooooo!